R909 Winners List

What gaming centers ended up on top of our Explore!, Customize! and Crew Battles! contests?


May 16th
Gaming Centers receive 12 exclusive keys to access The Crew
Start of the Exploration contest (at 2pm local time)
Start of the Customization contest

June 1st
Crew Battles Local Finals

Gaming centers present their custom sets of cars, upon finishing their Local Finals. Voting starts.

June 10th
Crew Battles Playoffs start
End of the voting for the Customization contest

June 11th
Customization contest winners announced
Crew Battles semi-finals

June 11th EDT/PDT — June 12th CET
Crew Battles final

Gaming Center

Gaming Center


Starting May 16th at 5pm local time, the Route 909 exploration contest will have gaming centers competing to achieve all exploration goals described below as fast as they can.